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Asset Inspection Photography

We offer asset inspection photography to finance and insurance companies looking to ensure that information provided to them is accurate, and therefore avoid possible claims for damages caused prior to finance being in place. There have been a number of instances where finance companies offer their services only to find out that the information provided was inaccurate in one way or another. Claims could then be made against an insurance company for damage that was pre-existing or more likely to occur than was stated by the person purchasing the finance. Also inspection photography proves the asset actually exists.

MRH Legal Asset Inspection Photography

In order to avoid unnecessary losses for the business, MRH Legal can visit the asset in question, inspect it to ensure that all information provided was accurate, and take photographic evidence including serial numbers.

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Asset Inspection Photography in Staffordshire and Cheshire

We offer asset inspection photography in Staffordshire and Cheshire, and are available for field visits within these areas. Get in touch to find out more about asset inspection photography.