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Photographic Solutions

MRH Legal offers a professional photography service, working with both businesses and individuals to gain photographic evidence of injuries, damage to assets, and insurance claims or accidents.

Working within Staffordshire and Cheshire, we can offer clients same day services when required, if the specified location is either an ST or CW postcode.

Popular Photographic SolutionsPhotographic Solutions

We provide photographic solutions for a number of instances, including:

  • Personal injury – we can provide personal injury photography for a client that has injuries or scars that require photographing for evidence in a court case.
  • Vehicle Accident Photography – this ensures that both parties have photographic evidence of the vehicle in question, and therefore avoid speculation as they have an accurate portrayal of the damage caused.
  • Asset Inspection Photography – before agreeing to provide finance for an asset, finance companies have the option of asset inspection photography. This enables the financer to check that the condition of the asset is as explained by the owner, therefore avoiding any claims for previous damage.
  • MRH Legal also offer Press/PR Photography working with both local and national press. Photojournalism assignments undertaken.
  • Property Photography – Coming soon!
  • Insurance Claims Photography – Full details to follow.


Photographic Solutions from MRH Legal

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