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Witness Statements

MRH Legal can perform local field visits to obtain witness statements. We take down the facts without leading or influencing the witness in any way, ensuring that an accurate statement is given and reaches you as intended.

Why Choose MRH Legal for Your Witness Statements?Witness Statement

We pay close attention to detail to ensure nothing is missed from a witness statement. With an approachable yet professional tone we gather the information necessary and deliver it back to you within the agreed time frame. Working with local solicitors and law firms, MRH Legal can reduce your work load by obtaining witness statements on your behalf and therefore saving you the time and effort it would take to do this yourself.

Witness Statement Locations

These services can be instructed on their own or with another of our relevant services such as personal injury photography. We collect witness statements in Staffordshire and Cheshire only, so in all ST and CW post codes.