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Surveillance is the most successful way to solve a number of investigations, often leading to photographic evidence being captured that can bring the case to a close. MRH Legal has professional experience with photographic and video equipment used in surveillance, and can offer our services for both personal and professional purposes. We can provide still images or video evidence obtained at a given address during an agreed period of time.

Surveillance Cases

Common surveillance cases include cohabitation, sick leave and cheating partners. Precautions are made to ensure the surveillance is completed without us being detected, and we treat each case with the sensitivity it requires. We can perform drive by surveillance which entails external photography of a commercial or residential property as instructed by the client.


Surveillance in Staffordshire and Cheshire

MRH Legal is based in Staffordshire and Cheshire and will perform surveillance cases for all ST and CW postcodes, as well as some of the surrounding areas.

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