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Our reconnection visits involve visiting the property instructed to us by the client with a knock-on-the-door approach, asking the debtor to contact the creditor. Reconnection services are a way to act before taking legal action, and can often be successful. Not only does this save you time and effort but it saves the cost involved with taking a debtor to court. The debtor will have previously ignored written correspondence and requests to pay their debts, so a face-to-face approach is the next step and in most cases results in a positive outcome.


Why Opt for a Reconnection Visit?

If a lender is unable to contact a debtor, a visit from MRH Legal can help to build a bridge between the two parties. We’re experienced in dealing with the vulnerable, so each situation is approached with tact and diplomacy to gain the best results. We encourage the debtor to get into contact with you, sometimes prompting them to do so in our presence.

Reconnection Locations

Our field visits are offered to all local areas to Staffordshire and Cheshire, with all ST and CW post codes as well as a number of surrounding towns. Get in touch for a reconnection quote today.