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Property Field Visits

Property field visits can be arranged for a number of purposes, often including surveillance, obtaining photographic and video evidence, and even knocking on the door to converse with the resident when requested.

Reasons for a Property Field Visit

There are many reasons a client might request a property field visit, some of which are listed below:

  • Property Attendance Reports – You may require a field visit to a property to confirm residency, description, condition and value of property, occupied or vacant, assets linked to the property or additional information. Photographs are taken of the property and any assets that are visible. Discrete local enquires are made if required to obtain further information.
  • Matrimonial – do you think your ex-spouse is claiming spousal maintenance whilst living with someone else? We can visit the property and discover the truth.
  • Debtor tracing or reconnection – we can visit the house of a debtor to encourage them to regain contact with you.

Property Field Visit

Property Field Visits Area Coverage

Property field visits can be performed in our local areas, covering ST and CW postcodes and throughout Staffordshire and Cheshire.

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