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Investigations & Services

MRH Legal carry out a number of investigation services for both personal and professional purposes. We will investigate any legal instruction including matrimonial, cohabitation, insurance fraud, and commercial and employment issues, to name a few. Examples of these include an ex-spouse living with a new partner, yet continuing to claim spousal maintenance; or suspicion of an employee claiming sick benefits when they are fit and able to attend work.

MRH Legal’s Investigation Services

After working in the field for over nine years, we have acquired professional investigative skills that allow us to approach each case with expertise. Using professional imaging equipment, where required, we ensure that each investigation is brought to a close promptly and efficiently.

Instructions can be specified for all field visits, including reconnection and property attendance visits – you can be assured that we follow your instructions throughout the investigation.


How We Investigate

Examples of our investigation services may include: surveillance, gathering information, acquiring photographic evidence, making enquiries with neighbours or witnesses, and even knock-on-the-door approach where appropriate.

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